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Teaching our Children to Save April 24, 2013

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Today is national teach children to save day. This is a valuable lesson that many people wish they had been taught earlier in life. A lot of debt could be avoided if only someone had helped them learn early on the benefits of delayed gratification.

Today i am going to work with my daughter and tell her about saving. Admittedly, she is too young for complete understanding but the sooner i start explaining it and make it a habit for me to talk to her about it the more likely she is to pick it up. Being a good example is also a good way to show your children the benefits of saving and how to do it. Finances are typically a taboo subject in many houses, but why not let your children in on how money is spent and saved in your household. It will benefit them greatly down the road.

you could start them out with a piggy bank of their own and let them save some money they have earned from helping around the house. After they have saved enough for a small toy you could take them to the store. This will really send home how wonderful delayed gratification can be. They will be proud that they saved enough money to buy something all of their own.

I hope i can be a good example to my daughter and help her learn how to save. Now, where can i find a cute piggy bank?

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


Christmas Prayers for Noah and Charlotte December 9, 2010

I came across this family the other day on a forum I am a part of and was just struck by the awful time this poor family is going through. They have 2 very small children with the same form of cancer, retinoblastoma, or eye cancer.  The little girl has lost her left eye already to the cancer. Its very sad. The mom tells about it on her Facebook page:

“Charlotte was 4 months old when we discovered she had retinoblastoma in one of her eyes. The tumor was large and wrapped around her optic nerve The damage was great and she would never have sight in that eye so we removed her eye the following week. Things were great until routine check up on her good eye and they discovered small tumors in that eye. They are not in her line of vision.

Noah was 3 months shy of turning 5 when we found out he also has retinoblastoma. He was getting an exam just because his sister had it never did we think he would have tumors in his eyes also. He is now going through Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy”

Her mom also sells on ArtFire, like me, so i thought i would share her shop today as my shop of the week/month/day.  She donates 5% from every sale to childhood cancer research, hoping, praying to find a cure for her children. Its very rare for 2 children in the same family to develop the same kind of rare cancer.  Im not asking you to go run over there and buy something, but take a peek and pass on the shop to someone who would be interested in the items. Tis the season for helping others and miracles, so lets help out and pray for a miracle for this family this season!

The shop is called Cupcakes and Skulls Boutique and is a very adorable shop. I pray you will keep this family in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season and if you see fit that you will help them out in anyway that you can.

Another member on ArtFire is having a sale where all proceeds benefit the family. You can find that HERE.

God bless this holiday season.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.



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