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Awareness Gifts March 26, 2013

This gorgeous collection of awareness jewelry was curated by Shellys Unique Jewelry on ArtFire.



Gift guide for Autism presents March 4, 2013

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My Autism Awareness Puzzle piece necklace was included in this amazing collection by polkadotorchid.


Faded Leaves’ New Direction June 24, 2011

Remember a few weeks back that i announced i was going in a new direction? Well here are some pics of that new direction. Several items have been released and are available for sale right now. Let me know what you think!

These are all sterling silver unless otherwise noted. You can find more of the items in my “new direction” in my shop, Faded Leaves.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


Featured on an Autism Awareness Blog June 15, 2011

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I am so excited to show off the official interview i had with Julie Clark Art, re: my shop and my Autism Awareness pieces. She did a marvelous job! Thank you Julie for this awesome opportunity. 🙂

Find it HERE.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


Autism Awareness Jewelry May 1, 2011

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Looking for some beautiful pieces to show your support of Autism research? Then look no further than this collection featuring wonderful artisans from ArtFire

Until Next Time,
Shannon H.

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