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Do you love meat? January 28, 2013

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This week is Meat week. I think im secretly happy about that. (Sorry to all the vegetarians and vegans reading my blog!) We recently started a new lifestyle. We follow the Paleo way of eating and let me say, my husband is LOVING this new way of eating. Why? Because it involves meat, meat, meat, and more meat! My husband is definitely a carnivore. Myself, i started the diet due to health issues and wanting to see if eating more cleanly would change those. It has, but its come with a strange side effect. One i didnt think about seeing how prior to this lifestyle change it wasnt an issue.

I.LOVE.MEAT. That is one side effect i honestly thought i wouldnt see. I would eat chicken before this once in awhile, but red meat and I were just not friends. Now I find myself craving a steak with tons of veggies on the side. Who would have thought that after just a couple months that instead of craving chocolate or bread, i would be craving a steak? Certainly not I. On a different note, my health has never been better. Guess those cavemen were on to something way back in the day huh?

So in celebration of this week, i think im going to go cook us some succulent steak for dinner. Whats on your menu for meat week?

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.

PS. i owe this lifestyle change to an incredible woman who told me about the journey her family had taken and the wonderful results they saw and she inspired me to try it for my family. She runs an incredible blog, with awesome recipes and tips and tricks for the Paleo lifestyle. Check it out! www.thepaleomama.com Thank you Jackie for sharing your wisdom with me and making a difference in our lives.


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