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Are you a name caller? January 24, 2013

One thing i’ve noticed about myself, and its not a good observation, is that when i become upset i tend to resort to some low down dirty name calling. I could say i’ve been aware of this for a long time now, but honestly i’ve noticed it more recently since having my daughter. Wanting to set a good example for her, i have been more aware of my speech. Esp since shes at the age where shes really starting to imitate everything i do. And i mean EVERYTHING.

This week is national no name calling week. When i found that out, i assumed it would be an easy thing to do. Apparently, im worse off then i thought. As soon as things dont go how i want them too, i find the word “idiot” just wanting to roll off my tongue. But this week has been a good reminder of keeping myself in check and finding more positive things to say. I havent been perfect of course but i have made a very good effort and i am happy with the results.

It hasnt been easy, but i think its been well worth it. Have you tried the no name calling for a week? How has it worked out for you? Lets make everyday no name calling day. Remember the power of your words and think twice before saying what comes to your mind first.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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