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Have a Garage Sale! August 13, 2011

Today is National Garage Sale Day. I find this kind of interesting as i want (read need there) to have a garage sale and was thinking about this month. Unfortunately, its been so dang hot here that the thought of sitting outside in my driveway in the heat and sun all day trying to get rid of items i no longer need/want just isnt very appealing.

Also, because of the heat i would have to it alone, as none of my friends would want to come sit in the heat with me. That thought makes it even less appealing. LOL

Who here has ever had a garage sale before? Was is successful? Did you get rid of all your unwanted items? What do you do with the stuff that doesnt sell? I usually pack everything up and donate it to a thrift shop that helps the less fortunate. Not only does it get rid of my stuff but I’m also helping others so i feel good about it as well.

So maybe in the next couple of months here when it cools down, i will clear out my house and have a garage sale. I think it would be fun.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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