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The Waiting Game July 7, 2011

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We recently purchased a new couch. Today is the day they are supposed to be here. I hate waiting. You sit in your house all day, afraid to leave for the smallest thing cause that might be the exact second you miss them.

We gave our old couch to salvation army. they came yesterday. So today while waiting I am waiting on the floor. LOL not much fun. on the other hand the dog thinks it’s the coolest thing ever that mommy is ON the floor with her so I am getting little work done as she keeps coming over and sitting on my lap. That is what im down there for, right?

I am never very productive on these kinds of days. I have a lot of ideas running through my head for new products to make but im afraid to go into my studio and work on them. See when I work, I blast some music, have the internet going, a few glasses of water, and I am set. The problem with that? I can’t hear our lame doorbell ring. (it’s very lame. they hit it, it goes, buzz, once.) It’s so lame the dog wont even bark when she hears it. She will run to the kitchen and sit by oven, waiting for the food she just knows is finished and all for her.

So while I am sitting here waiting today I will attempt to get some work done and hope they come sooner rather than later with my couch. Then I can finally move off the floor. I’m afraid the dog wont be very happy with that.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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