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My trip to the Grand Canyon, Part 4 June 10, 2011

So here is the final installment in our trip to the Grand Canyon. I feel kinda sad while writing this. 😦 it was such a fun time and we made some great memories. I hope you all have enjoyed my play back of our trip for you.

Day 4: On our last and final day in Flagstaff, we decided to see what treasures Flagstaff itself was hiding. We discovered a few that we loved and I think is a definite must see to anyone’s trip to the Grand Canyon.

We discovered an awesome local restaurant that only serves breakfast and lunch. The name was Mike and Rhonda’s The Place. They were right. It was THE Place to be on the day we went. It was packed to the gills when we arrived. Seat yourself the sign said, so we found a small booth in the corner and sat down. Service was quick. We ordered and before we knew it our food had arrived. I got the biscuits and gravy. I ordered 2 biscuits, thinking that was probably not enough, and  a side of bacon.

My husband ordered the ribeye strips, eggs, hashbrowns and pancake platter. Well lets just say that both of our eyes were bigger than our stomachs! Their portions were huge. Each biscuit was the size of my fist! Needless to say we left some food behind. A definite must eat when you visit Flagstaff.

Next we decided to go see the Flagstaff Arboretum. Now in the Arboretum’s defense it did say it was down a dirt road, but they described it as a “short” dirt road. It was more like 3 miles of dirt road that had been graded with bumps in it for traction during the rainy season. By the time we arrived at the Arboretum, it took quite awhile since i was driving like 15 miles/hour, our teeth were a bit loose from the bumpy ride. LOL

The Arboretum is definitely a place to bring your family and go when you have lots of time to kill. They have a tree maze, a gnome carved out of a tree (though he was a bit scary!), and lots of family friendly trails to walk on. Our favorite was the outer trail that took us through the elk gate and into the wildlife territory. We saw all kinds of cute fluffy wildlife. Also many gorgeous different flowers and plant.

All in all the arboretum was alot of fun, even if the drive there and back wasnt.

The next place we went was the Northern Arizona History Museum. It was a museum chronicling the history of the Native Americans who lived there before the white Settlers came to the area. They had Hopi, Zuni, and Pueblo artifacts just to name a few. It was very interesting learning about the different tribes that settled the area and all the beautiful things they could make by hand. Honestly it put my jewelry to shame!

It was a great place and we would definitely return. Overall we loved Flagstaff and can definitely see ourselves returning in the future.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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