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My Vacation to the Grand Canyon, Part 2 June 4, 2011

Day 2:

On Day 2 we went to the Grand Canyon and went on one of their famous mule rides. We rode around the rim of the canyon, through the woods, and then dismounted and saw some absolutely breathtaking views. The only part of the ride we didnt like? It was so windy that day that the dirt was blowing around. We came home sneezing dirt, coughing up dirt, pouring dirt from our ears and eyes. LOL

I look like a bandit in these pics as i put my bandana up around my nose and mouth to filter out some of the dirt. My hubby decided that he needed to look the part, so we went and bought him a cowboy hat, which i think he looks dashing in. (though i may be partial 😉 )

After our hot, dusty ride, we dusted ourselves off and hiked at least a mile, maybe more, down INTO the canyon! Using the Bright Angel Trail, we hiked down and down and down. It was so amazing looking up and seeing the building we had just passed look so tiny. The canyon is just beautiful. Words really cant describe just how gorgeous it looks. I hope the pics can do it a little justice.  Again a wonderful day and totally worth going. We are definitely going to go back one day. I hope you all will be able to  make it one day as well.


Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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