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My Vacation to the Grand Canyon, Part 1 June 1, 2011

So for the past few days we have been gone on a very fun, much needed, relaxing vacation. Im going to post some pics, as promised, and tell you a bit about each day. 🙂 Enjoy!

Day 1: Our first full day in Flagstaff, AZ we decided to visit the Lowell Observatory. This is the observatory where they discovered Pluto in the 1930’s. Though at that time, it was called Planet X. I definitely recommend seeing this if you ever go to Flagstaff. Over 7,000 ft above sea level though, you will need to make extra time for adjusting to the altitude.

We took the tour that walked us around the grounds and told us about Percival Lowell who founded the Observatory. We got to see how the telescope operates, the library, took a “Pluto” walk, and saw one of the telescopes that is only used for taking pictures of the night sky.

Later that night, we came back. (you pay once for the entire day) We saw a portable planetarium show that was awesome. After that, once it was dark enough we got to look through two of the telescopes. With the bigger one, we looked through it and saw Saturn. It was so awesome! it looked just like we were staring at a drawing of it.

The smaller one, we looked up at the North star with. It looked like a huge 10 billion carat diamond just sparkling up there in the sky. it was so gorgeous.

All in all, it was definitely worth it and i highly recommend seeing the Lowell Observatory if you ever get the chance. Stayed tuned for the rest of the vacation.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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