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Ahh, Vacation! May 20, 2011

Soon my husband and i will be going on a vacation to relax, recharge, and celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. (For those who follow me, you probably are thinking, “your anniversary was months ago! You’re right, it was. but due to work conflicts we werent able to do anything, so we’re going now.) To us its not WHEN you celebrate, its HOW you celebrate.

After much deliberation about where to go and why and what not. We decided on….(drumroll) The Grand Canyon! My hubby has never been there! I went once, me and my dad, and i Loved it! i couldnt imagine NOT going back. We are planning on going all the way down to the bottom and exploring. Hiking, backpacking, sightseeing, etc. We are doing it all.

The one great thing about vacation with my hubby? The military finally leaves us alone! woohoo! its just me and him. not me and him and the military. LOL Im so excited about this quality time we will have together. Lets just say its much needed.

Our first year of marriage involved alot of moving and traveling, but (shocker!) 99% of it was for the military. We really need to reconnect.

I will post some pics from our trip when we get back and tell you all about it. EEK! im so excited. 🙂

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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