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Faded Leaves is going in a new direction! May 10, 2011

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After much thinking, i have decided to take Faded Leaves in a new direction. I love creating many different things but lately I’ve been feeling that maybe my shop is too eclectic and buyers arent seeing enough focus to feel comfortable buying from me.

In light of that, I am currently running a sale on many items in my shop trying to push inventory so i can make way for the items i have decided to keep.

The items staying will be: my Military support jewelry, my Awareness jewelry (for Autism and others), my Amulets collection, my gift bows/gift tags (and coming soon matching gift bags. All will be available in a matched set),  my hand stamped jewelry collection (custom made and pre made), my beach necklaces, and Seasonally, cards and ornaments. I will also occasionally have special items, such as my Mother’s Necklaces, that will be available for a limited time/quantity only.

Also i am going to slowly switch over to sterling silver. I will still have nickel free ear wires and chain so if you need that, just ask!  It will be a slow changeover as the price of silver is rising. I will slowly stock up sterling silver as I sell off other items. 🙂

If you have any questions or comments regarding this change, feel free to let me know. You can contact me via the contact artisan link in my shop. 🙂

With these changes i will continue to serve you the quality items you have come to expect from Faded Leaves.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


One Response to “Faded Leaves is going in a new direction!”

  1. […] a few weeks back that i announced i was going in a new direction? Well here are some pics of that new direction. Several items have been released and are available […]

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