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Its Customer Appreciation week!! April 18, 2011

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Well this is the official week of getting to know your customers. So while i want to get to know you, i thought i would say a bit about me. Many may have missed my debut post here on my blog and if you are like me, too lazy to go allllllll the way back to the beginning to read it. lol

So i am a newlywed, a nurse, have 1 furbaby, a dog named Icicle, and my husband is in the military. I started making jewelry what seems like ages ago just bc i enjoyed it. Well when it started taking over my house, my husband encouraged me to start selling it as he thought many people would like it. And low and behold he was right! I love doing this and SHHHH, i sometimes enjoy it more than nursing!

So what exactly is entailed in customer appreciation week here at Faded Leaves? First, i have a sale category, filled with many of my wonderful items, just waiting for good homes, that are now at least 25% off! WOW!

Second, from today (April 18) until the end of this month, I will be starting a customer referral program. Here’s how it works. For every 1 person you refer to me, whether they purchase anything or not, you will earn $1 (US) towards any item in the store, including custom jobs! Refer them to my FB page and have them “like” my page and post on the wall that YOU sent them and i will credit you $1 (up to $15). its that EASY! Start today to work your way closer to that item you have been drooling over.

And third, from now through the end of this week, if you spend $25 get 10% off (coupon code: Appreciate10 ) $50 get 15% off (coupon code:Appreciate15  ) and for every $100 get 20% off! (coupon code:Appreciate20) These are good only until April 23 so act now to get these savings!

Ok, so now you know a bit about me, have all the news about upcoming customer appreciation events here at Faded Leaves, and are ready to spread the word! I want to hear all about you too, so drop me a line or comment on this post telling me a little about you and why you love Faded Leaves.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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