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Its a scary word… February 4, 2011

Cancer that is. When we hear it, we tend to have pretty bad reactions to it. Understandably so. I cant think of a single person I know, whose life hasnt been touched in some way by this dreaded disease.

My grandfather had colon cancer at the ripe age of 32 and we thought he was a goner for sure. But being the fighter hes always been, he pulled through and is still with us today. In fact, in just a couple of weeks, he will be visiting me and my husband. That was a good ending.

Unfortunately, not all cancer stories have good endings. My uncle was diagnosed with brain cancer, very unexpectedly, and 9 months later we were attending his funeral. It was very shocking to me. He was the first person whose funeral i attended whom i actually remember having holidays with and doing things with. It was so sad. And he was so young. His family is still recovering from the shock of it.

Today is world cancer today. I think that today we should all take a few minutes to say a prayer/give a few moments of silence/send out good thoughts/vibes/whatever it is you do, to all the cancer patients in the world today, fighting this dreaded disease for their lives.

I know today i will be thinking esp about my uncles family and keeping them in my thoughts/prayers.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


One Response to “Its a scary word…”

  1. (Pisces)Olya Says:

    very sad and very true post, Shannon. I hope your uncle’s family will remain strong and positive.

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