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HURRY, hide it!! January 28, 2011

Today is national Data Privacy day. What does that mean? Honestly i have no clue but i thought “hey that sounds interesting lets blog about it!” so here i am.

I dont know about you guys but i am a shredding maniac. i love my shredder. in fact i shred so much stuff i broke my first shredder. One month after buying it, it gave up the ghost. it was sad. I was sad mainly because by that point i was addicted to shredding things and well now i couldnt so i was in withdrawal. Not a fun thing.

My hubby got me a new one (bless him!) but this time instead of the cheap $20 one from the store, we ordered the shredder of all shredders from online. We got an office shredder which was made for shredding lots of paper (and other things like cards and cds) daily, so basically now i can shred to my hearts content. Sigh. Dont tell my husband but i am having an affair. An affair with the shredder.

It can shred 17 pages at once and up to 2 cds! Now if thats not strong i dont know what is. But basically here are some quick rules to what should be shredded. if it comes in the mail and has your info on it, say its a credit card offer, SHRED IT! (burning works too, but they wont let me play with fire here. 😦 ) If it has your addy on it and you dont want the ID thieves to get ahold of it, shred it. If its from your bank, shred it. If its just sitting there and needs to be filed but you dont want to, Shred it!

Ok so not all those rules are real, but anything that has your personal information on it and you arent planning on keeping, say forever, in a safe place, shred it. it cant be stolen if they have to piece it all back together. And your best bet is with a cross cut paper shredder. My love is a cross cutter. He does a wonderful job of destroying information i want noone to know. Basically a cross cutter cuts the paper length wise and then sideways so its in itty bitty pieces. now a really persistent Identity thief might sit there and try to put it all back together but lets face it, they are criminals of opportunity. They want fast and easy not hard and time consuming.

so today make sure to clean out your home and shred anything you dont want people getting ahold of that you dont need to keep. Speaking of which, im sure i can dig up some papers around here somewhere that need to be shredded. “Oh shredder, here i come!”

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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