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Im taking it back and there’s nothing you can do about it! January 24, 2011

That’s right! Its national take back your time week and i’m declaring that im taking it back and noone can stop me. Well, ok, there is one person that can stop me and thats ME.

How you ask? Well we have all had days where we needed to get stuff done and instead of doing it, we just did other stuff or sat around doing nothing or watching tv. Now that was a waste of time. And once gone you cant get it back. So how am i going to get back something that is impossible, once spent, to regain?

For one, im going to be more conscious of how i spend my time. If its something i really dont need to be doing, i am going to re-evaluate and decide if i could be doing something more productive that day instead. Let’s face it as much as the internet and tv have revolutioned our lives they have also made a way for all of us to just waste hours doing nothing productive instead. So turn off that tv, leave the computer off, and get out and do something that needs to get done but you’ve been putting off. I know i have been putting off getting tax stuff together. Why? cause its tedious and no fun. Spending the refund is always fun but getting the stuff together to get to that refund, not so fun.

Secondly, im going to actually stick to my list of things i have to do. What a novel idea! I write one obsessively. (im very OCD about my lists) but some days i just dont feel like doing my lists at all. Well im going to put a better effort into checking things off. Im sure all of us could do that.

And lastly, im taking back time by spending more quality time with my loved ones. Life is short. VERY short. Sometimes it takes a catastrophe in our lives for us to realize that. Dont let a catastrophic event happen to wake you up to just how important your family is. I dont get to see a lot of my hubby as hes in the military and they get more of him than i do. I think thats helped both of us realize just how important spending good quality time is together. We try to do 1 thing together each week. so far we have been pretty successful. I say pretty cause sometimes the military steps in and messes us all up! LOL

So i hope you all stand up and join the fight to take back your time this week. Shut off the tv and the computer, check off those lists, and go hug a family member. Cause one day you’ll look back and really appreciate all those things you did and wont remember all the things you missed to be with them.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


One Response to “Im taking it back and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

  1. (Pisces)Olya Says:

    very nice post, Shannon.
    i really enjoyed reading it 🙂

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