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On the Hunt for Happiness January 17, 2011

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So this week is hunt for happiness week.  This time of year alot of people find it hard to be really truly happy. Why? Well first, we have all that debt from Christmas we need to pay off, then its January and its not exactly known for being sunny and cheerful and warm. This time of year is a time where many people suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Many people suffer from this disorder, esp in the long winter months, when the sun is hard to come by. Its cold, dreary, and in alot of places snowy and its known to actually depress people. Even down here in the normally sunny south, people suffer from it. Its colder than normal here and the sun doesnt make many appearances during our “winter”.

So this week, lets be on the lookout for some ways that we can the happiness in everyday. First, you woke up this morning! Now you should definitely be happy about that. Because im sure somewhere in our country someone didnt wake up at all and left their family reeling in sadness. Second, if you are one of the lucky ones to still be employed in this tough economy, BE HAPPY! Even if your job sucks, at least you have one to go too and to pay bills with. Right?

Third, find the simple pleasures in the small things today. That nice warm cup of coffee your significant other fixed for you this morning, that lunch with friends, the silliness of your children.

Fourth, bring up all those happy memories from this summer with your family and friends. Being thankful for the past will bring you happiness in the present.

So i will be on the hunt for other ways to be happy this week. Feel free to add your ways to be happy here as well. I would love to hear them!

PS. how did everyones organizing go?? mine was a flop. i did nothing. well theres always this weekend!

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


2 Responses to “On the Hunt for Happiness”

  1. (Pisces)Olya Says:

    What a great point! Love this entry, Shannon! 🙂

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