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Lets Get Organized! 5 tips to get your house in order this weekend January 14, 2011

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So Today is Organize your Home Day on my blog. My home could desperately use a makeover so how about instead of organizing YOUR homes today you come over and organize MINE? I think that sounds like a fair trade. No? really? How about if i pay you in cookies?

Ok well to be serious, this is a good time of year to clean out the closets, the attic, the garage, the bedrooms, and anywhere else you havent ventured during the cold months. Its snowy and cold out and the weather is too bad to really go anywhere fun anyway. So today and this weekend, lets ban together and make a pact to clean out at least one room and a closet. Really clean it out. So some tips on getting organized.

1. Throw out things you havent worn/used in 6 months

It stands to reason if you havent used it in 6 months or more you probably wont ever use it. Really, stop lying to yourself. You probably forgot it was even there didnt you?? So go ahead and throw it out, or if its in pretty good shape still why not donate it to a charity or thrift store? Or even have a garage sale. Why not make a few bucks off the stuff you arent going to use anyway? Like they say, one mans trash is anothers man’s treasure.

2. Buy some baskets/tubs/shelves

Let’s face it, you cant keep that closet organized if you just have to toss everything back into it. So why not buy some tubs or some bins or even some shelving and then some baskets and put the stuff you are keeping in there. Its easier to find and use again, if you know where it is.

3. Label your baskets/tubs/bins

You cant effectively use your new found organization if you cant find/remember where you placed things.

4. Toss out any old magazines you’ve been keeping around forever.

If its over a year old, you havent read it again after the first time, TOSS it! if there is an article, interesting recipe, or fun activity to do as a family, in the magazine that you want to keep, tear it out, punch holes in the one side and put in a binder. Then you can keep it in a place you will always be sure to look and actually read because they are articles that are interesting to you. Be good to our earth, recycle the ones you decide not to keep.

5.Clean out all the dust, cobwebs, and nook and crannies

Now that you’ve pulled everything out, give everything a nice cleaning with some antibacterial cleaning. Its winter, germs are hanging around looking to get you and your family sick. So once the house is nice and clean and germs are gone you can enjoy the fact that your house is spic and span and enjoy the clean house.

Ok, i’ll come back Monday and see how you all did on your cleaning and organizing challenge this weekend. It could be fun. I know the first order of business for me is take my Christmas tree and decorations down. it wont take long, its just doing it. Unfortunately i need my husbands help and he works like a dog this time of year….so the offer for free cookies to help me clean my house is still on the table. 🙂

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.



4 Responses to “Lets Get Organized! 5 tips to get your house in order this weekend”

  1. Sandra G Says:

    Hey, Great Blog Post, I did take down my Xmas Tree, but now the house is bare, no decorations, all put away, & by the way I use my paper shredder to shred magazine pages for filler in boxes for Packing & Shipping my sold items. I think after all the cleaning is done, I should start on Valentines Day Decorations!You have Motivated me! Thank you S G

  2. averilpam Says:

    I have to try to be organized and tidy because my house is tiny. Unfortunately I have too much stuff for this little place! I do my best and declutter regularly (have just sorted out lots of clothes to go to the charity shop) but my craft supplies just take up too much room so it stays cluttered. It’s a real challenge to hoover and clean too as I have to move so much stuff!

    • fadedleaves Says:

      I understand. My last house was a freestanding house but it was only 700 square feet! it was so hard to clean and move around in. im so glad we moved to a bigger place.

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