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Contest, contest, contest! January 7, 2011

Ok,i think my title got the point across. LOL Come Monday another contest is starting here at Faded Leaves!! This time it will be hosted on my Facebook Fan Page though, so if you want to play (and im sure you do!) just go like my page.

Ok here are the rules:

I have a new style of necklace i made. Its abstract and very fun, BUT im having a hard time giving it a name, so i need all my followers/fans/readers help.

I will post pics in a FB album on my page under the title Contest. (easy peasy, right?) Go to my page, like it, then take a peek at the pics. After viewing ALL of them, leave a comment on the ALBUM what name you think it should have. ONLY ONE comment per person please. Voting ends on Friday.

Get all your friends to come over and join in on the fun too. Why? because i value all of your opinions and want to know what my followers think. Only legitimate names will be considered. Anyone who is just joking or coming on to spam my page, the comment will be deleted and you are banned from any further contests. (im just like Santa. I’ve got a list and im checking it twice! lol)

Ok so heres the part im sure you all are dying to hear. “What can i win” you ask?  Well if you are the lucky chosen winner of the name i decide to use for my new necklace when i list it, you will win a pair of earrings and a $10 gift certificate to my shop AND an ID holder from Sew Cute and Sassy in any fabric she has in stock, un-embroidered.  Definitely check out her shop on FB. she has a lot of cute items for sale.

So i think i have covered all the bases. I will post the pics sunday night, naming begins MONDAY (Jan 10)! any names that are given to me on Sunday are invalid and will be deleted.

Ok, im super excited for this contest to begin. i cant wait to see what all of you come up with. 🙂

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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