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Happy New Years Eve!! December 31, 2010

Anyone have any plans for tonight? Since my husband and i are notorious for being boring, we are sticking with the reason for the notoriety. We are staying home.

I invited some friends over to house after church on Sunday for dinner this Friday. My husband and I had discussed it on Saturday and since he tends to get off work early on fridays decided that it was the perfect day to have some friends over whos children are home on college break and we get along with. The invitation goes like this:

Me: “hey, if you guys arent busy on Friday we would love to have you over for chili enchiladas. My hubby says i make the best ones around and wants to share them.”

Her:” Well, im not sure. the boys are homebodies (gee, i know the feeling!) and dont like to go out on holidays. I’ll discuss it with my husband and let you know by Wednesday. is that ok?”

Me: “sure.” Later im thinking, “holiday? what holiday?” but it slips from my mind and i go about cleaning my house and taking care of my business without further thought…

Wednesday comes. Heres that conversation.

Me: “Did you guys discuss it?” (secretly thinking if they say no, i’ll run and ask some other people really quick! lol)

Her:’ Yeah we can come! I’ll bring dessert. But we cant stay till midnight.”

Me: Insert shocked look here “why in the world would you stay till midnight?”

Her: ” its new year’s eve!”

Me: “really?!”

So apparently i’ve been living in some sort of a fog for the past week or so. i think this is what happens when you rarely leave your house and dont watch much tv. you kinda just forget the rest of the world exists. This would also explain why the entire world was grocery shopping last night…

So happy new years eve and if i dont get on here tomorrow, happy new year! i wish you all the best!

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Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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