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Oh my gosh oh my gosh!! December 27, 2010

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So yesterday at church a Deaf lady came! I know this may seem like whatever news to the rest of you, but to anyone who speaks ASL this is a BIG DEAL! We are trying to start a Deaf ministry in our church and i have been praying so hard for someone to come. It didnt matter who or what age or anything, just someone to get it jump started and spread the word.

Well yesterday, she came! And for the first time in over a year i got to interpret a service. Talk about being nervous. Sheesh. This is like speaking Spanish as a second language, and being really fluent in it, then suddenly not speaking it for over a year due to moving and marriage and a bunch of other stuff. Then WHAM in walks someone and you need to translate for them. Talk about a major memory lapse. haha.

Thankfully she was really nice about it. I explained that i would love to interpret for her but it had been over a year since i had and it might be a bit rusty at first. She told me not to worry and she would help me along with anything my memory decided to have thrown out over the past year. Thankfully, its kinda like riding a bicycle. You could have gone 15 years without riding, but after a few minutes it comes back to you. Same with signing. Something just jogs that old brain of yours and it starts coming back. Piece by piece.

So the service went well. She told me she understood it and got the idea. Whew! My friend, who also signs, did the songs. We had a great time. I dont think i’ve been that excited since my wedding over a year ago. And thats something that is hard to beat. šŸ˜‰

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


3 Responses to “Oh my gosh oh my gosh!!”

  1. Nancy Says:

    What an awesome experience, thanks for sharing!

  2. Lu Says:

    Didn’t know you knew sign language, always wanted to learn it

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