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I dont know about you but i have the best parents EVER! December 23, 2010

Why do i say that? Well this past Monday, mine and my husbands Christmas gift was delivered. It was something that came straight from the store to us so it wasnt wrapped. And honestly, it would have been too big to have been wrapped anyway. So, what is this amazing gift that makes my parents better than your parents? (yes i went there!)

My parents got me a CHEST FREEZER! (well and the hubs too but he doesn’t seem to be as excited as me for some reason. ha) I have been needing one so badly but needing my hubs to go shopping with me to get one, and with his schedule lately im just happy he comes home from work before it’s the next day. Sigh. My mom said as soon as they started talking about Christmas gifts, the first thing she said was, “i want to get Shannon a freezer.” My dad gave her this look like “WHAT?!”

You see, they live nowhere near us, so my dad, thinking practically like men are prone to do, immediately was planning out the logistics of getting said freezer to our  house and how exactly that would work. The drive alone is over 15 hours. And that’s if you never stop to rest, eat, or pee. After running through the logistics at lightening speed in his head, my dad concluded it was unfeasible and said so to my mother. Who had the response most wives have handy in this situation, “No it’s not. We’ll have the store deliver it!”

That being said off they went on the quest to find the perfect freezer. Ok, in reality they went to 2 stores. Best Buy and HH Gregg. But only because those are the only 2 stores in their town. LOL

Finding what they wanted, they ordered it and had it delivered on December 20th to our house. As soon as my husband got home that night we ripped it out the box and set it up in the garage. I plugged it in so it could cool down (is that what you call it?) and i would be able to use it. Yesterday, i went and got our Christmas chickens i have been putting off, as i didn’t have any room in the freezer attached to our fridge until i cooked more food. Since i was out getting meat, i got some fresh chicken wings and some country spare ribs and was able to buy some bread and now my little freezer is feeling fulfilled in its purpose as it is holding all the food i picked up yesterday.

In conclusion, this is why my parents are the best parents EVER, and well, yours just fall to the bottom of the pile somewhere. One of these days, im sure they will do something equally amazing to be classified as the best parents EVER as well.

I just doubt it will top my freezer. 😛

Until next time,

Shannon H.


One Response to “I dont know about you but i have the best parents EVER!”

  1. Lu Says:

    Enjoy it!!! Was super awesome of them indeed!

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