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What’s going on? Where am I? December 17, 2010

Where am I? Do i know this place? it looks slightly familiar, but i just dont really remember how i know it.  and its kind of echo-y in here. “Hello-000000” See?  And there are cobwebs in the corners and dust everywhere. Whomever lives here isnt a very good housekeeper.

This is how i feel coming back here lately to write. It feels like forever ago that i actually wrote something. In reality it was just Monday. I have been really busy this week. Between “real” life and “business” life, its been a busy busy week. I was hoping to get Christmas cookies made but so far no such luck. So im going to either have to bake like a mad woman this weekend or just forget it. im leaning towards forget it. LOL

On the bright side, i will be able to be on here more! YAY! i have been away alot as my husband was taking this horrid finance class and was needing alot of help. so being the good wife that i am (pats self on the back) i spent a good portion of every evening helping him understand concepts, run problems, and work on homework. Who needs children when you have a husband? Needless to say, i now feel as if I was in finance class and am burned out on school. so my own school work has been suffering. I am in school to get my jewelry design and floral design degrees and thankfully its a go at your own pace class or i would have been WAY far behind by now. I did sit down yesterday and do 1 lecture for each class. So now i feel better about myself. I was hoping to have it all done by the end of this year but wasnt expecting a move, to start a business so soon, to have to help my husband with this horrid class, and about a billion other things life threw at me. ugh.

Apparently instead of starting a handmade items business, i should have taken up a juggling act. I might have been pretty good at it.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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