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Who are you and what have you done with the author? December 13, 2010

Oh my gosh, I feel like i havent been on here in forever! Faded Leaves is taking over my life. When they told me this would be the busy season i guess i only half listened. Wont make that mistake again.

Today was supposed to be the day i started to make my Christmas cookies but i dont think i’ll have time. I am working on a custom order for a counted cross stitch Christmas ornament. If anyone knows anything about cross stitch, especially counted cross stitch, its tedious and time consuming. So you ask, why are you starting so late on a Christmas ornament that takes so long? good question! i ordered the pattern a week and half ago and just got it in the mail Saturday! sheesh, if i knew they were mailing it by donkey i would have gone for the express shipping. Would they have shipped it by horse then?

I also have to write my Featured Artisans blog posts for my ArtFire blog. If you havent read any of them, or dont even know i write them, you can follow that link and see what i write on my other blog. That one is mostly about businessy things.

Ok back to the Christmas ornament. Its a good thing im a fast stitcher. I started it late Saturday night. I had to start late cause when i received it i didnt have all the thread colors i needed so i had to go the craft store. The store is 5 miles from my house. Should be easy right? Wrong. Its attached to the mall and apparently EVERYONE in my town was going to the mall Saturday and there is only way into town and one way home from town. So it took me almost an hour to go 5 miles. sigh.

After getting to the store, i ended up having to park on the clear opposite side of the mall from the store as there was no parking anywhere near it. Hey, at least i got my exercise, right? After buying what i needed, finding my car again (did i park there? no i swear it was over there! why did i have buy a popular vehicle IN the most popular color??) I attempted to make it home. This took slightly less time as apparently more people still were trying to come into town then attempting to leave it.  I got home and realized that it was now dinner time and my poor husband was probably starving,  as due to being busy with Faded Leaves all morning doing other things, i had neglected to feed him.

So i fed the hungry beast that is the hubs, cleaned up after dinner and started my ornament finally. Thankfully, after emailing the client that the pattern came later than expected and i planned to stitch like the wind she was understanding and is ok if it doesnt arrive by Christmas. Im not ok if it doesnt, but its good to know she is. (side note, its monday, and i am 90% finished with the ornament.)

I also, i dont know if this was stupidly or not, entered myself into a giveaway on CreatingTheHive.com. They were hosting a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway with a different prize each day and i volunteered 4 of my handmade bows. During busy season. Apparently on the day that i did this, it was rather slow and i was thinking, “What a great idea!” Now dont get me wrong, it is a great idea, just didnt think about what item i was entering. All my bows are made AFTER someone orders them. So, dummy me enters the only item in my entire shop that if someone wins i have to MAKE, then ship. Definitely having a blond moment that day!!

So does anyone want to come over and cut out ribbon? I dont pay, but i will give you a cookie. if i get any made that is.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


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