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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… December 1, 2010

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I wish snow was on its way! lol

Seriously some snow would be nice this year. If only to shock all the natives here and give me 1 day of sliding around in my truck in the stuff. Thats all i want. 1 day of snow. Doubt it will happen but hey you never know! it snowed this year in February, right on Valentine’s Day weekend and lets just say the natives were restless, and a bit scared! lol We got a fabulous meal out that weekend, in a normally very busy restaurant, with great service, because noone was out driving in it. And the poor waiters/waitresses were stuck there as noone wanted to drive home in it. LOL We were one couple of 3 in the entire restaurant and i must say we had fabulous service that evening. 🙂 by about 4 different servers! ha

On a brighter note, its now Christmas at Faded Leaves!! i have officially changed my avatar to reflect this joyous season. You can take a peek by clicking on Faded Leaves Christmas Look.

Well its back to the daily grind. Got alot to get done this week.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful start to a great season and holiday!

Merry Christmas,

Shannon H.


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