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In Loving memory… November 8, 2010

of all the fallen last year on November 5, in the Fort Hood Shootings, I am writing this blog post.

I had the honor of attending the memorial ceremony of the 1 year anniversary of this horrible tragedy. Despite not knowing a single person that was lost that day, I was crying. The ceremony was touching and hopefully a way for the families of the fallen to remember the heroism of many of their loved ones that day.

The shootings were personal for me and my family. My sister in law is stationed at Fort Hood and was  on post the day of the shootings. My best friend, who’s husband is stationed there as well, called me and said “Shannon, have you heard the news? Someone is opening fire on post on Ft. Hood and i know your sis in law is there.” I immediately turned on the news, then tried my sister in law on her cell. Nothing. After several tense hours, I was finally able to get ahold of her and find out she was all right. She was locked down in her building and was therefore safe. I remember crying with relief. I also had to try to get ahold of my husband who was stationed overseas at the time. Not an easy task. I finally did and was able to relay the information that his sister was safe. He had already heard the news and was frantically trying to get ahold of her. By the time he found out, a communication blackout was already in effect. My husband cried when he found out his only sister, only sibling, was okay.

I cant explain all the feelings that went through me on that day. I cant imagine the feelings i would have felt if my sister in law had been wounded or even worse, killed. I am thankful for the brave men and women who tried, and succeeded, on taking a mad man down.  I grieve, as a fellow military spouse, with the loved ones left behind.

So, if you havent already, take a moment to remember the brave men and women of Ft Hood, and remember to always keep the soldiers protecting our country and our freedom in your prayers.

Until Next Time,

Shannon H.


4 Responses to “In Loving memory…”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Very nice memorial.

  2. averilpam Says:

    That must have been a terrifying time last year, and one you won’t ever forget, this must have been a very emotional day for you.

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