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My how it flys! November 3, 2010

Time that is. Come next month I will have been married for 1 year! I totally cant believe it. It feels like i have been married forever. and i totally mean that in a good way.

I love my husband and i cant imagine my life without him. Hes such a wonderful husband. I just wish time would go slower so i could enjoy it more. I sometimes feel that maybe im not enjoying it as much as i could because you get complacent in your relationship and get “used” to each other. I try to make sure everyday that i love my husband, tell him i love him, and live life to the fullest with him. As a military spouse, i dont have the luxury of having my husband around all the time.

And its possible that one day, God forbid, something might happen to my husband and i would never get anymore time with him. So as a reminder to all my readers, love your spouse everyday, tell them you love them, and do something everyday to show that love. Dont get used to having your spouse around and take for granted that they are there. Because before you know it, the time will pass all too quickly and you wont have them any longer.

Live today like theres no tomorrow!

Until next time,

Shannon H.


2 Responses to “My how it flys!”

  1. Aria Says:

    Truly words to live by! My partner and I are not married, but we’ve been together for going on four years. Feels like it flew by and has always been this way all at once.

    Congratulations to you and your husband, I hope you have many more years of happiness :3

    On an unrelated note, expect a “Reader Appreciation” photo, featuring your earrings in your mailbox soon :3

    • fadedleaves Says:

      Thanks! i dont know if you are on FB, but if you go to my FB page (the link for it is on the top right corner of my blog) i would love if you’d like my page then add a review there as well. 🙂 there is a review tab at the top just hit the more arrow to find it.

      It is amazing how fast time flys. Feels like yesterday i was getting married!

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