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57 days…. October 28, 2010

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Can you believe its only 57 days till Christmas?? Really??  I feel like the year just began.

Then again i probably feel that way because this year has been crazy busy. We moved at Christmas last year to GA. Got settled in, decorated the house, found a job, worked worked worked, went on some trips to see family and such, my husband graduated from his program, and we got orders to move again!  This past Sept we took some vacation time and went to my sister’s wedding. It was beautiful and fun and nice. Then we came home, packed all our stuff, the movers took it all, and we moved.

So now we’ve started the whole process over again and i guess it just doesnt feel like its almost november yet to me. On a brighter note, because its almost November my birthday is next week!! eek. i so dont want to get a year older. oh well, im still younger than the hubby so i can always rub that in! haha

So since its only 57 days till Christmas this means i better get my shopping on and soon. and well so should you. I highly recommend checking out ArtFire this year. We have some amazingly talented artisans on there and you can get such amazing things. Best place to look for that person you have to shop for but who already has everything and you just cant figure out what to give them. Of course i hope you visit my shop too but then again thats the crazy talking.

Until next time,

Shannon H.


One Response to “57 days….”

  1. Aria Says:

    I’m right there with you, but totally ready for the holiday season. My last show is this weekend and then I’m in “make stock for next season” mode, which moves at a far more relaxed pace than”OMGSHOWNEXTWEEKPANIC” mode.

    I’ve signed up for several swaps to get into the holiday spirit. It’s fun to think I’ll be getting random packages from complete strangers :3

    A lot of my shopping this year will be done through Artfire and Etsy. With our economy the way it is, I’d rather give money directly to artists like myself, who rely on the Holiday Rush to get them through the winter.

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