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ROAD trip! October 11, 2010

Ok so our road trip wasnt a very long road trip but since we dont seem to get out much lately, it was perfect for us.

So Saturday, my hubby and I packed ourselves up and drove to Downtown Savannah. Its a wonderful blend of old and new, modern and classic. After finding a spot to park, we walked about 2 miles up MLK jr ave, and found ourselves a trolley tour. Oglethorpe Trolley Tours is a wonderful way to see all the sites and pay one flat fee to do so. Savannah has so much to see that if you tried to do it all alone, it could take weeks to truly see everything.

We got to see all the historical civil war fights and monuments, some awesome places to eat, and one very amazing candy store. Their homemade icecream was to die for!!

Did you know the founder of the Girl Scouts was born, raised, and lived most of her life in Savannah? I didnt either but we got to see her childhood home and the carriage house she started the Girl Scouts in. The riverfront is also a place to be if you want good food and cool little shops to browse through.

We had a great time and tons of fun and this is only a taste. We cant wait to go back and try out Paula Deans restaurant. YUM!

Here are some photos of our trip:

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Until Next Time,

Shannon H.

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4 Responses to “ROAD trip!”

  1. My husband and I love road trips! The last one was to Wilmington. I want to go to Seagrove, NC next because it is like a pottery mecca in NC. Truly amazing what you find practically at your own doorstep, huh?

  2. Aria Says:

    I had no idea about that in regard to the Girl Scot founder!

    I’m jealous of the Paula Dean restaurant visit(Her excessive use of butter makes me twitch, but I always wonder what her food tastes like)

    Also digging the mother of pearl bracelet, beautiful and simple, but the random shapes of the chips give it a little texture and personality. The use of copper is also interesting, since more people tend to use silver with it.

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