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Fall is in the Air October 10, 2010

So in other parts of the country Fall has hit. The south, unfortunately, thinks summer is still here. Saturday was almost 90 degrees and today was in the 80’s. Seriously? I want some relief. I am totally not a hot weather girl, but I dont have a choice about living here so here I am.

Anyways, Fall is here and Fall stuff is going on and its put me in the mood for Fall things. Im craving apple cider like crazy, have been searching my house for the fall candles to burn, and bought pumpkins and gourds and placed them outside and put Indian corn on the door. My dog, especially, loves the outdoor decorations and has been caught several times with a gourd in her mouth using it as a ball.

So what is your favorite thing about Fall? What does this time of year evoke in you? Im totally looking forward to the fall festivals coming up here.

Until next time,

Shannon H.


5 Responses to “Fall is in the Air”

  1. Michele Says:

    I love your stuff! its so cute, I want to order something…just having a hard time picking which one!

  2. Miranda Says:

    This is all gorgeous, very impressive. You’re doing an amazing job 🙂 I’m thinking I may need an anklet or braclet!

    • fadedleaves Says:

      If you want specific stones let me know. otherwise just colors and measurements and i will design something for you. 🙂 then i’ll put a custom listing up on my shop and you can just buy it from there. 🙂

  3. Aria Says:

    I use to live in Arizona. I’m originally from Michigan(and now in PA, I get around!) and it was so strange to not have seasons.

    I love the colors, the smell, the coolness on the air. Pumpkin ice cream and apple cider are two of my favorite Autumn items.

    Being able to walk around in pants and long skirts without overheating is glorious. It’s that perfect time of year when it’s cool enough to wear comfy clothes, but warm enough to go without a jacket. Love it!

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