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First Sale on ArtFire.com! October 4, 2010

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So I have some amazingly awesome news to share today, dear readers.

I got my first sale on ArtFire!!  It was a custom order for 25 of my Abstract Heart Bookmarks.  Apparently, the customer is going on a missions trip next month and decided to buy my bookmarks to give out as gifts. How awesome is that? Im so excited I can barely type this because my hands are shaking. EEKK!!

Ok so now that you all think I’m crazy (oh wait we already established that. lol) I’m going to get back to work. I just had to share with all my delightful readers.

And because I CAN’T NOT do it: heres a plug for my shop. Come visit! FadedLeaves shop

Until next time,

Shannon H.


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