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Amazing deal you HAVE to check out for yourself… September 18, 2010

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Good Morning everyone!!

Today I want to talk about this awesome platform for selling your homemade or vintage items online. Think Etsy only better.  The staff is wonderful, answers your questions basically as soon as you ask them, keeps us up to date on trends and whats happening in the business world, and gives us AMAZING tools to be better equipped to actually sell our stuff.

So you ask, “What is she talking about?” Well I’m talking about Artfire.  ArtFire is a relatively new spot to sell your items. They have been around for about 2 years now. In those years they have done amazing things to help us along as sellers. Given us new tools, made the site better, offered discount prices to the first members to sign up, created a Kiosk that works with Facebook , allowing people to buy from your shop, directly on Facebook, given us the ability to make our shop completely our own, and all this (and more) for one reasonable FLAT rate a month! Yes you heard that correctly, readers. You get the ability to sell however much you can and do NOT have to relist and relist and relist with all those fees. You list once and its done. If you sell it and need to relist, NO FEE!!  Im sure im missing a bunch of other things as well. (There’s just too many to name!!)

But now ArtFire has outdone themselves. For a limited time only, they are offering an all time low price for their shops. If you sign up today to join ArtFire as a seller, you can opt in for the all time low, group deal price of ……..

$5.95/month!!!! Yes you read that correctly. Only $5.95 a month! Amazing! If you think thats not such a great deal, listen up. The normal price per month is $15.95. Previously if you signed up to pay 3 months at a time it was then reduced to $12.00 a month. So you can save up to $10 a month with this deal! That is priceless folks. You sell one medium priced item and you’ve just paid for your entire month on ArtFire and possibly the next one as well. And trust me you WILL sell. How do i know this? Because with all the tools they give you as a paid shop, you can almost sit and do nothing to promote yourself and you will still get views and items sold. How is this possible? For every item you list, ArtFire submits it to Google base. Google then crawls your shop, puts your items in its index, and next time someone searches for “handcrafted earrings” you will show up. (this is a lousy example by the way but you get the jist) Now how cool is that?

I can tell you this is true because I sell on ArtFire. I listed a new item, within hours it was already in Google base, and then I searched for it and found it on page 2 of the results as the first slot!! Now tell me any other selling venue is doing the same thing for you AND at this price. They arent.

On top of all this, you get a great community spirit, artisans that want to see you succeed as much as they want too, and a great staff to help you along the correct path in your business.

So I highly urge everyone reading this who is even the slightest bit interested in selling online to check out ArtFire and give them a chance. With this deal you cant go wrong!!

Until next time,

Shannon H.


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