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What’s new at Faded Leaves September 1, 2010

Today has been a good day. I have 3 more items to list and show off to the world. i will also add these to my photo gallery. Come view, enjoy, and of course buy something! ūüėČ
More exciting news… we are going on vacation soon and then after that MOVING! Im excited and not so excited all at once. I also think im partially crazy for trying to start a new business and move at the same time. But hey we already knew that.

My inspiration for the asian inspired towers come from my husband. He is asian and I love learning about his culture and all that goes along with that. my asian inspired line is in honor of my husband.

The swarovski crystal copper twisted earrings really reminded me of the bare limbs you see in the fall intertwining against the fall sky. And the glistening swarovski crystals remind me of the stars you can see so much more clearly in the fall sky.

The key chain is just fun and flirty and is a good contrast from the starkness of the keys they carry. It will make a cute addition to every set of keys.

Enjoy the pics!

Until next time,

Shannon H.


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