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Frustration=genius! August 31, 2010

After my frustrating day yesterday with no internet for half the day, I decided to take out my frustration creatively. Being crazy, I decided the first thing I should tackle is inventory of my supplies. Wow I didn’t realize how much junk, er, stuff I have collected already. My husband just shakes his head every time I come home exclaiming over some new find.

Take last night for example. I stopped at Joanne Fabrics and hit their clearance section. I picked up a swarovski crystal star pendant for (you’ll never believe it!!!) 50 cents!! yes you read that right. 50 cents for swarovski. I was giddy with delight. Actually I was super giddy with delight when I realized later the price tag said 97 cents and it rang up for 50. What a steal.

Back to inventory… after going through everything and bagging loose items, I then numbered all the items and inventoried them with price and how many were originally there. I figure this will help me later with pricing. It’s a good thing but only a crazy person actually does it all in one sitting. but as I said, im obviously crazy. 😉

After inventory I sat down and worked on a few items. I made a multi tiered chain necklace, with cable chain, curb chain, and hammered chain. All in silver. Attached between half-inch lengths of cable chain are coral creme nuggets. some are rounded and some look like natural rocks. Gorgeous. I finished the piece off with a swarovski crystal embedded silver heart pendant. The pendant just makes the whole look that much better.

But don’t worry dear readers, I didn’t stop there! (Frustration about the internet really worked out in your favor.) I also made a three strand pearl and crystazzi amber faceted bead bracelet with a gold and sage square pendant. My inspiration came from seeing those gorgeous crystazzi faceted beads. I saw them, put them next to the pendant in my hand, and BAM that was it. It just popped into my head about how to use them. This is just one of many ideas i have for those gorgeous beads. The combination is absolutely stunning. I think I almost cried when I saw it finished. making jewelry is so rewarding even if it never sells.

So that’s it for the new items so far. I kinda wish the internet would go down everyday if it means such gorgeous items get to be made.

Until next time,

Shannon H.


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